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The GOP Tax Bill and it’s effect on Disabilities

(The Weaver family) “The proposed tax bill feels like a personal attack on my daughter’s life”  READ MORE by following the link below:
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Fashion and Disabilities: Can there be “Marriage Equality” HERE??

Dignity by Design™ provides Independence to the disabled, elderly or veteran through clothing…Fabulous clothing…Accessible clothing.... Simple enough.        .      Dressing is an everyday human right that most able bodied people take for granted, and yet a solution has never been offered or recognized, to date, by the US or global economies. I find…
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The Emperor’s New Clothes: Disability Offerings or an Illusion?

There is much on the global runway today that is addressing disabilities and fashion.  Models are entering the runways in designs from the best houses of fashion.  My colleagues, with disabilities, are finally being focused on - for the first time - for the beautiful people that they are - disability or no. But is this just…
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