Choosing DignityFashions® or DbD®?

Which do I choose? 

logo-dignitybydesignDignity by Design® has two brands: DignityFashions® and DbD®
…….these are the modification differences:


DbD® For the Wheelchair Mobile….this apparel is modified to include: No working buttons or zippers, only concealed hook and loop! Openings are ergonomically created for the best accessibility, ease of use and fashion sense on the market today. Additional width is built into the back of tops, vests, shirts and jackets to create “ease”. Additional length is built into the back of trousers’ rise (for seating comfort).  There are no back pockets, non-essential seams, bulky elastic or embellishments (eliminating bulk and seam  pressure). Loops were created on the sides of pants and jeans for easy on off – with the secure elastic waist belt hidden inside of all pants and jeans for extra ease and security for daily needs. Quality fabrication, and materials, allows for the utmost breath-ability, skin comfort and durability!!

DignityFashions® For dexterity and mobility limitations…uses standard sizing with modifications built into the garment for ease and application.  As with the DbD® brand there are minimal working buttons and no zippers, only concealed hook and loop! No one will ever guess that you are wearing modified clothing – but you will appreciate the ease of use in your daily lives — guaranteed!!