All DbD® masks are Designed with all the details
of Dignity by Design’s® precision
for fit, style and function – fully washable.
Made with 100% cotton or cotton/poly mix and
fully cotton lined, with an encased metal nose bridge.
Elastic is thin and comfortable on the ear. Sizes: X
L – X/Small!


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These are handmade with love and supported by donation only, so please contribute through

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Because ALL masks are made by hand, with all hand-designs, NO two DbD® MASKS are the same.  Fabrication and colors change – so preferences of the individual is always a factor at DbD!   Masks such as these sell for $29-59 each online.
WE are still on a donation basis ….. if you can’t afford it – I’ll ship….if you can afford only $10 – I’ll ship.
If you can afford more – I thank you!
We want the community to be protected – and with durability, fit and style. Always on a “first come – first served basis”
(but turnaround is general 24-48 hours 😀 )
– Donna, Pres., Dignity by Design

Note: EXTENDERS: Are available on Amazon for all of your current or upcoming orders! 


For a Pdf of the Catalogue: Mask Catalog 11-1-2020 DbD


Mask Catalog 11-1-2020 DbD


 Some satisfied friend’s selfies
from across the nation!!



Just a few “Testimonials

“Donna look what came in the mail today! Snazzy new masks! Super cool. Thanks so so much. They are fantastic!” – E.M

“Hurrah! They’ve arrived. Thank you, Donna. They’re beautiful and cover much better than ANY of the paper ones I’ve been wearing!!” – J.M.

“We LOVE them – playing around with personalizing – great!!!” – K.L.

“OMG – Beautiful – You are so Classy!” – K.K.

“They’re beautiful, Donna– L.K.

“You’re an artist girl!!” – G.A.

“They are not only well made, Donna, they are gorgeous!” – J.M.

“These look absolutely amazing! “ – E.L.

“My order just came in From Dignity by Design. My friend Donna Freeberg makes these incredible masks. Terry lined, and room to breathe!!! Local Mpls.!! Support if you can. Look, I’m a model!” – S.C.

“OMG…omg…omg – They’re GORGEOUS and they cover the entire bottom of the face! Brilliant!!!!!” – R.C.

I forgot to check my mail yesterday, but today I found a package! Thank you for the beautiful, gorgeous masks!! They are so incredibly comfy, and enough room so that speaking doesn’t slip the mask down my nose! Love the hearts. I can’t wait to give one to my neighbor and I’ll probably save the third one for a friend or neighbor in need of a better mask! You are a true professional in your craft! Thank you again, so special! – G.J.

Email me at:
or message me on Facebook: to be put on this list!


These are handmade with love and supported by donation only, so please contribute through

PayPal  using the accounts below: or

Or Venmo at: