Are your sizes standard sizes?

Yes, we utilized standard sizing on all our products with true measurements. However, we've built the DbD™ line to accommodate the seated figure. There is a higher rise back, no back detailing (such as pockets, or extra seaming) plus knee and draping allowances. Consult our order form for full details on how to measure for accurate and best fit.

How long does it take to receive my order?

We like to give a timeline of 2-3 weeks for every order. Due to the highly specialized nature of our products please allow for additional shipping time.

What provisions do you make for the visually impaired wearer?

Upon request, we will furnish Braille labels for each of the garments you have ordered.  They can be sewn in at your discretion, and will be mailed out to you separately, when your products ship.

Do your two clothing lines come in collections that can be easily coordinated?

Yes! In our Misses line, for both DbD™ and Dignity Fashions™ we offer two collections that can be coordinated easily. The "A" collection consists of Dove Gray / Midnight Black / Angel White, and the "B" collection consists of Sky Blue / US Navy / Ivory Cream. You can mix and match your ensembles easily into coordinated sets.

Are the fabrics used in the construction of your two clothing lines easy maintenance?

Yes! With the exception of the Jackets in the Women’s line, (for which we recommend dry cleaning) all of our products are either 100% cotton, cotton-poly blends, lycra blends, or poly-gabardine blends that require the minimum amount of care and are machine washable.

What is the difference between the Dignity Fashions™ line and the DbD™ line?

Dignity Fashions™ is the answer to the needs of the physically challenged teen to adult who are sight or dexterity impaired, or elderly with limitations in mobility.  Dignity Fashions™ garments offer a partial Velcro™ opening/closure for those who have greater use of their extremities. All of the jeans, shorts, slacks and skirts in the Dignity Fashions™ line have side Velcro™ closures and mock front openings.  The tops, shirts and polos have either half back Velcro™ closures or full front Velcro™ closures, dependent upon the style. (See full catalog)

The jackets in both lines offer front Velcro™ closures for a more seamless, natural appearance and a "hidden" inner pocket in order to fold away the Velcro™, and you have no interference with catching your tops! Completely innovative!

The DbD™ line (for the wheelchair mobile) gives additional allowance in the jackets (at the hip and upper back), back rise in the slacks (for seating comfort), no back pockets or embellishments (eliminating bulk/seam pressure) and added length to trousers (in the front for superb draping!)

In addition, the DbD™ line offers a full front or back Velcro™ closure for the tops and shirts, while the slacks, shorts and pants in this line offer either a side Velcro™ opening (shorts) with hidden inner waistband Velcro™ belt for added security, or in the case of the slacks and jeans, you will find a full side Velcro™ opening on the Left leg with a partial Velcro™ opening on the Right leg. The DbD™ line comes with a hidden inner elastic waistband with Velcro™ front tab hook, which hold the slacks, shorts and skirts securely in place.