Look at my face……….

Look at my face. Not a bad face. Not an unkind face.


I’ve lived for almost 65 years come July.  I live relatively healthy. Eat balanced meals. Keep my house clean. Pay my bills and get the oil changed regularly on the car.  I also make masks – for the sake of hundreds (maybe thousands) – I use anti-bacterial lotion, wash my hands, clothes and masks regularly. I own 3 companies. Struggle every month to keep all afloat and try to do business on an ethical and compassionate basis. I have two children and a partner.  That’s me.


Now look at my face again.
I seriously don’t want to die in the very near future – I think I have a lot more to give to this world. But this FACE may not have a choice. Do you know why? Because I’m in the age category that if I get the Corona virus – I have an 82% chance of mortality. Definitely intubation, if it’s severe enough, and THAT I would never do. Even surviving the virus – chances are that my heart, kidneys or lungs would be caput.


Look at my face.
I only asked you to give me a 50/50 chance for a longer life. A 50/50 chance to beat this deadly crap – that NO ONE really has a solution for and the roulette wheel keeps spinning around  – popping up on red or black – and one person loses and one person lucks out.


Look at my face!
I only asked you to wear a mask. Your Grandmother only asked you to wear a mask. Your sister, brother, Father, Mother, co-worker, son, daughter, neighbor, grocery store, retail market or restaurant asked you to WEAR A MASK.  The healthcare system: doctors, nurses and hospital staff – it’s a hoax, right? If they’re dying – you don’t see it, you can’t be inconvenienced.


Your roulette wheel is exciting. How nice for you.  Mine isn’t.


When you look back on these deadly months behind us – and the deadly months ahead (if you get the chance), will you be proud of your contribution to the war of our lives – or will you just have been a selfish “murderer by choice or ignorance”??


Look at your own face in the mirror – and ask yourself that question.


Written by Donna Freeberg.