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Disability Fashion: Look at Who’s Front and Center in the NEWs!

Disabled models - on the runway - on the front pages of major news communication AND being featured on the webpages of new - up and coming - clothiers. Fabulous, right?? ALL jumping on the bandwagon to visually "support" the disabled and in return gaining significant "Feel good" press.... HOWEVER with little or no exceptions... providing absolutely no products…
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“Today, it’s a good idea. Tomorrow, it’s going to be essential.”

Logic, common sense and profitability guide this industry – not Fashion. That’s secondary. It doesn’t take genius to understand that you would rather wear a suit to a board presentation or sales meeting than Zubas®, or that you will inevitably put to the back of the closet, or donation bag, the pants that no longer…
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Disabilities recognized as Big Business: What a novel idea!!!

After decades as a niche market the disabled have become a driving force in technology and a giant inspiration for innovation. After YEARS of butting my head against investor and angel "walls" - years of these "experts" continuously "informing" me that the disabled market is just too "niche" - that a company: My company to…
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